Now Do You See: Gimme Your Soul - Pet Sun

In any coastal city Pet Sun would be hailed as the return of surf-punk. With their effortless blend of thrash guitars and casual vocals, “Gimme Your Soul” embodies the spirit of those wave hunting vagabonds that tagged Californian parking lots with LOCALS ONLY circa 1984 . Alas, we live on the edge of a Great Lake that never goes corduroy, so most will go on labeling them as garage-rock. The thing is, Pet Sun are having a too much fun for that.

Accordingly, the video is loaded up with live footage of good times ‘round James North, smiles, pizza and a sporadic top layer of animated eyeballs, bats, brains and the all-seeing eye. The fun and the weird all within a minute and a half make…rad!

Pet Sun recently released an album via their bandcamp and it be through these red letters.

Now Do You See: Dynasti - JJ

It’s been about a month since JJ released their dramatic third studio album V, and they’re back with director Olivia Kastebring to deliver a visually vivid treatment for the song “Dynasti.” An extended introduction takes up most of the running time, setting the scene like a Von Trier film. A figure trudges slowly as blood fills the shallow canyons of the windswept desert, all leading to the torching of pianos in the shape of a V, while vocalist Ellin Kastlander sways in the middle bedazzled in gold-dust makeup. The video is surely cinematic and is a beautiful experience that matches the orchestral vibe that JJ are known for.

With the video came a press release in the form of a poem in which they express the “Dynasti” we live in. With numerous pop culture and technological references including Sad Boys and .zip folders, it describes a seminal moment before everything changes, reaching near and far with every other phrase (see a part of it below). It’s a perfect prologue to the video, feeling both familiar and arcane…something JJ are quite good at.

this is the dynasti before they dreamt about you and me

this is the dynasti before dean met me

this is the dynasti before we fell apart

this is the dynasti before we were a part of it all

DIVERGENCE VII (presented by our pals at Exhale Music Group) goes tomorrow at Casbah w/ WISH and Jaunt. As always, it’s pay what you can and all ages. There’s a pretty rad pop-up button shop c/o Untitled and we’re going to have a take-a-record / leave-a-record box for you the share something special with participants while walking away with something new for your own collection.

Now Hear This: Lightweight (Dirty Beaches ft. Sapphire Slows Remix) - Zulu Pearls

Zulu Pearls have a new EP on deck, including remixed versions of the track list that are said to be “complimentary”. A re-work of the title track “Lightweight” sees Zulu Pearls (Zach Van Hoozer) teamed up with Montreal no-wave connoisseur Dirty Beaches to give the song an entirely revamped sound. The latter’s influence is promptly felt as dark and moody synths are grafted to the original song’s structure, changing the genre of the track altogether. Additional vocals from Sapphire Slows give the song a haunting vibe, making it a perfect addition to your October playlists, especially considering the fog laden days we closed out September with.

Lightweight will be released 28-Oct-2014 via Cantora.

DO THIS: Slow Magic @ The Garrison (Toronto) 28-Sep

Slow Magic recently released his album, How To Run Away, and will be in Toronto Sunday to share the future-friendly, season bridging songs with us in person. The album masterfully takes listeners to triumphant peaks and introspective valleys. Singles “Hold Still” and “Girls” made use of watery beats and frolicking guitars respectively, and the entire album would do colourful wonders for those with chromesthesia.

How To Run Away is connective electronic music that is very easy to listen to with other people. In a room full of strangers, I think it might serve as a perfect introduction so make your way to The Garrison Sunday evening. Get all the info through these red letters.

Now Do You See: Put Your Number In My Phone - Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink announced the release of his first proper solo album pom pom (a double LP no less) with the single “Put Your Number In My Phone”. With silky vocals and jangly guitars the track is as bubbly as it is creepy, and immediately recognizable as Ariel Pink. That the chorus (if you want all this and more/ put your number in my phone) has been stuck in my head since I heard it is no surprise either, considering Pink’s ability to convert his weirdness into something extremely catchy. And like his previous songs, the track features a voice mail, this time from a girl who seems to be awaiting a phone call back from him after they met at a taco stand.

Although the track is easy-going in nature, the video’s a little more difficult to take in. It shows Ariel Pink pushing a man with an oxygen mask in a wheelchair around a mall as they visit the arcade, eat at the food court and strikeout after attempting to talk to a few girls. Better still is Pink’s outfit - he sports a teal fur coat and matching cowboy hat with giant chains as accessories. It’s a lot to take in, and somehow confusing while making perfect sense, which as you know by now is Pink’s style defined.

pom pom is available 17-No-2014 on 4AD through these red letters.

Post-Script: For those that follow this little project, we have a new pal on board. His name is Blake and he’s super keen on sharing good tunes. This is his first post and his first post is really rad. Kudos Blake, glad to have you on the team.

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