#FUNNERFRIDAYS: Hold Still - Slow Magic

This new cut from Slow Magic’s upcoming album makes me wish I had chromesthesia. I can imagine the opening yielding rich purples and blues before detonating red bursts of sonic bliss when the song hits its proper stride. “Hold Still” might be the best summer evening primer I’ve heard this year. Oh, and there’s a midway drop to pianos, watery beats and warped voices that is absolute paradise.

Slow Magic’s new effort, How To Run Away, will be out 9-Sep-2014 on Downtown Records and he’s visiting Toronto on 28-Sep-2014 at The Garrison.

NOW DO YOU SEE: So What - Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo’s Avi-Zahner-Isenberg awakens in the surf and slowly phases between dream worlds via a red door portal in slow pursuit of an absolutely stunning woman. It’s no wonder he sees her every time he closes his eyes. Many of these sequences play out across worldly vistas that are just as easy on the eyes as they tune is on the ears.

And speaking of the tune, “So What” is a breezy bit of goodness. At times it hints at Death Cab influence, but lyrically it is more grounded and observant. Between Avi’s casual vocals and gleaming guitars hide thin threads of maturity that never overpower the experience. It’s a lot like being at the beach on a perfect Sunday. That blue horizon surely goes on forever but work is just around the corner.

Avi Buffalo’s second album At Best Cuckold will be out 9-Sep-2014 via Sub Pop, and can pre-ordered through these red letters.

NOW DO YOU SEE: Strange Rumblings Trailer

Globe / Strange Rumblings Trailer from george manzanilla @ rundfunk on Vimeo.

From the collective that brought us Electric Blue Heaven comes a new journey into the nomadic golden hearts of Globe’s surf team. Here be the global traverse of a team hypnotized by the pulsing rocks of ice and thick orange fog, from Iceland to Indo Joe G and crew pursue and progress. Pay heed, there are Strange Rumblings In Shangri La.

Single Shot: I Found A New Way - Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks will release Wild Onion 5-Aug via Grand Jury.

Now Hear This: Runaways - Illitry

Hamilton electro-frontier explorers Illitry have re-visited their first online track and morphed it into a warbling and colourful summer warp called “Runaways”.

With the continued help of Michael Keire and Threshold Studios on the production end, Illitry continue to expand their sonic craft. For all of the blips and futuristic effects here, there’s also a lot of empty space between. Those momentary vacuums are absolutely necessary to keep all of the elements from collapsing in on themselves. Instead, everything floats in a blissful harmony like universal gases spanning endless, awe-inspiring miles. Kudos again goes to Mr. Keire who seems to be extremely dialed into this type of sound and creative output.

“Runaways” premiered on Noisey last week with a tidy video treatment c/o Brooks Reynolds. The short film depicts two young ladies in a troubling work environment, who use dark methods to exact their revenge. It was filmed at our favourite coffee spot (Cannon Coffee Co). Everything mentioned in this paragraph are good things. Check the video through these red letters.

Illitry have a pair of songs on their bandcamp, located through these red letters.

Now Hear This: Ghosts - Andrei Eremin

I often find myself applying open hand to knee percussion and whistled melodic spines to the sounds of the world around me, whether they be the click of a turn signal at a red light, the echos of my footsteps in an empty corridor or the electronic emissions of hospital equipment. I have to think that in any sort of situation, be it dire, monotonous or apocalyptic I might make these sub-minute long songs to keep me calm.

So when “Ghosts” opens with the sound of traveling water and what reminds me of a subway car with its door jammed open and an associated warning tone on loop, I subconsciously paired those two sounds with a situation and came up with something fairly ominous.

Andrei Eremin is a young producer out of Australia who’s mastered and mixed a healthy range of artists. Now, with “Ghosts”, he’s paired with Mark Zito (known as Fractures) to release his first solo track. Over those two initial elements Eremin doses the track with thick colours and grand movements that recall Moby’s “God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters”. Mark Zito does well to entwine brow-raised vocals that fuse with Eremin’s eerie sonic implementations. At times “Ghosts” thumps, snags, drips and projects but it always moves the listeners to introspective and calm places.

“Ghosts” is available now through Andrei Eremin’s bandcamp via these red words.

Now Hear This: Girls - Slow Magic

Built upon a frolicking, shiny guitar and a future-friendly, clipping vocal loop Slow Magic has made a summer statement that is familiar and exciting. “Girls” is the type of song that comes up best on a summer playlist set to shuffle. It’s immediately identifiable and built on a casual energy we all want in our lives immediately following the summer solstice.

Slow Magic will be in Toronto 28-Sep-2014 at The Garrison. Have at his website for tunes, info and general goodness through these red letters.

Best In Show: Protomartyr @ Casbah 14-Jun-2014

Angel Ceballos

On a perfect evening in the city an enthusiastic crowd went big for the local favourites The Dirty Nil, then stayed for Protomartyr and were absolutely entranced.

With a singular sound singer Joe Casey’s stood at the microphone with a spoken-word poet’s stance. This band is inherently interesting, blending post and punk elements with an intriguing voice and subtly excellent percussion from Alex Leonard. Kudos to The Casbah for housing a different type of noise in Hamilton and making it sound terrific.

The set was put together with a gradual build, allowing the band to bury their hooks in deep. The crowd was definitely caught off guard, but quickly began thrashing their heads about in energetic fits. There was a post-show high that didn’t let up, and a lot of folks left with Under Color of Official Right tucked under their arm. It’s safe to say Hamilton can’t wait to have this Detroit band back in town. If you missed them this time around, don’t miss them again.

Under Color of Official Right is out now via Hardly Art and comes with one of the best covers of the year and a lyric zine.


SINGLE SHOT: Time Between - Bear In Heaven

Bear In Heaven will release Time Is Over One Day Old 5-Aug via Dead Oceans.